Dental Implants Woodbridge

Dental implants are an excellent way to replace one or more missing teeth roots. A dental implant is a small titanium post that anchors a crown, bridge or a denture securely in place. The process involves placing the implant into the jaw bone (either upper or lower), waiting several months for the bone to fuse with the implant, then taking a impression of the implant to fit a crown, bridge or denture over the implant.

It is important to replace missing teeth for many reasons:

  • Given enough time the teeth adjacent to the missing space could rotate completely sideways falling into the space where the missing tooth is.
  • The teeth opposing the missing tooth will grow toward the missing tooth space, a process called super eruption.
  • The combination of rotation and sper eruption could lead to severe bite problems.
  • The collapse of the bite could lead to sagging of the mouth and an older appearance as well as jaw joint problems (TMD or TMJ).
  • Missing teeth decreases your ability to chew and can affect your ability to speak.
  • Bone loss is inevitable after a tooth is lost and cannot be stopped unless the lost tooth is replaced with a dental implant.

Complete Implant Dentistry in Woodbridge

At Woodstream Dental Clinic, our dental team are able to perform both the surgery and restorative procedures, so there is no need to visit a dental specialist. Our team of dental professionals will guide you through all the right steps to a great implant experience.


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