Cosmetic Bonding Woodbridge

Dental bonding allows our dental team to lengthen or repair chipped teeth, and fill in gaps or mask discolouration in teeth. With dental bonding, you can easily have the natural beauty of your smile restored. Because of some of the limitations of dental bonding it is best suited for small cosmetic changes, for temporary correction of cosmetic defects or to restore front teeth.

During this popular treatment, a durable oral resin is applied to each affected tooth and then exposed to a high-intensity light that causes the resin to harden. Once the resin material has hardened, it is then shaped and polished to match your surrounding teeth for the most natural-looking effect. Dental bonding allows us to improve your smile without having to remove any healthy tooth structure. This reliable treatment can provide excellent, long-lasting results that can typically be attained in a single office visit at Woodstream Dental.