Children’s Dentistry Woodbridge

We make dentistry a fun learning experience for your children!

Woodstream Dental is a family oriented dental practice and children are always welcome! We ensure that your child’s experience with us conveys a feeling of trust and security leaving them feeling comfortable and open to learning about their teeth and oral health.

At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

You can bring your children for an examination between the ages of 2- 3 years or earlier if you have any concerns. The first appointment we treat as a fun introduction to dentistry. We will check for decay, review brushing techniques, clean and polish their teeth and provide a fluoride treatment. A very important aspect is discussing with you how different foods, drinks and snacks can adversely affect your child’s teeth.


How often should children visit the dentist?

At Woodstream Dental, children are recalled every 6 months. Because they are growing and changing so rapidly, we pay special attention to erupting permanent teeth, growth and development of facial bones and smile aesthetics and function. We monitor the effects of oral habits including baby bottles, pacifiers and thumb sucking. Orthodontic evaluations take place when you child exhibits signs of undesired development. In these ways, we can work with you to optimise facial and dental aesthetics and minimized expense and treatment where ever possible.

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